Here’s some exciting news for all you Blox Fruits players out there! There’s a brand new april blox fruits codes 2024 in the game called 24NOADMIN. You can use this codes to unlock some amazing perks. By entering this code, you’ll not only enjoy twenty minutes of double XP, but it also gives you the ability to reset your stats. So if you want to start fresh or try out a different playstyle, this code is perfect for you. If you’re ever looking for more Blox Fruits codes or want to learn more about the game. Be sure to check out the Blox Fruits codes wiki. It’s a great resource to stay updated and discover new codes. Have a blast exploring and conquering the Blox Fruits world.

24NOADMIN20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMarch 2024
REWARDFUN20 minutes of 2x ExperienceFebruary 2024
NEWTROLL20 minutes of 2x ExperienceDecember 2023
SECRET_ADMIN20 minutes of 2x ExperienceOctober 2023
KITT_RESETStat ResetSeptember 2023
CHANDLER0 BeliMay 2023
Sub2CaptainMaui20 minutes of 2x ExperienceApril 2023
kittgaming20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2022
Sub2Fer99920 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2022
Enyu_is_Pro20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2022
Magicbus20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2022
JCWK20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2022
Starcodeheo20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMay 2022
Bluxxy20 minutes of 2x ExperienceMarch 2022
fudd10_v22 BeliJanuary 2022
SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP130 Minutes of 2x ExperienceSeptember 2021
SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1Stat ResetSeptember 2021
Sub2UncleKizaruStat ResetOctober 2020
Axiore20 Minutes of 2x ExperienceSeptember 2020
Sub2Daigrock15 Minutes of 2x ExperienceJuly 2020
BignewsIn-Game TitleMarch 2020
Sub2NoobMaster12315 Minutes of 2x ExperienceFebruary 2020
StrawHatMaine15 Minutes of 2x ExperienceJanuary 2020
TantaiGaming15 Minutes of 2x ExperienceNovember 2019
Fudd101 BeliAugust 2019
TheGreatAce20 Minutes of 2x ExperienceAugust 2019
Sub2OfficialNoobie20 Minutes of 2x ExperienceJuly 2019
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Blox Fruits is such a popular game on Roblox! It has over 30 billion visits since it came out in 2019, and there are always lots of players enjoying it. People are always on the lookout for new Blox Fruits codes because they can get you cool stuff like stat resets and double XP periods. We are always searching for new codes to share with you, so keep an eye out for updates.

At first, players must choose between the Marines or the Pirates faction. Next, players have to finish tasks to earn XP and Beli, the local money. Players can use Beli to buy swords, firearms, skill-granting Blox Fruits, and, most notably, boats. These boats transport players to other islands where they can find the best sellers and formidable bosses. Furthermore, beginning at level 20, players can engage in faction-based PvP conflicts.