First Sea

Roblox’s world is huge, like a big ocean! And in this ocean, there’s a really cool game called Blox Fruits. It has different places to explore and fun challenges that grab your attention right from the start. Today, let’s talk about the First Sea in Blox Fruits. It’s a great place for new players to begin their adventure and an important part of the game’s story.

When you start your adventure in Blox Fruits, you’ll find yourself in the First Sea. This sea is made up of 14 main islands, and it’s where all the excitement begins! At the beginning of the game, you get to choose whether you want to be a Marine or a Pirate, and that choice determines which starting island you’ll be on. If you pick Marines, you’ll start on the Marine Starter Island, and if you choose Pirates, you’ll start on the Pirate Starter Island. Both islands have helpful signs to guide you and some easy enemies to practice your combat skills on. It’s a great way to get familiar with the game mechanics and start your journey. Enjoy exploring

Here’s a map of the First Sea in Blox Fruits! It shows all the different islands you can explore.

Blox fruits first sea
  • Middle Town
  • Marine Starter
  • Pirate Starter
  • Jungle / Forest
  • Pirate Village
  • Desert
  • Frozen Village
  • Marine Fortress
  • Skylands and Upper Skylands
  • Prison
  • Colosseum
  • Magma Village
  • Underwater City
  • Fountain City
Island NamesEntry RequirementsEnemiesBosses
Middle TownAny LevelUnknownThe Saw (level 100)
Marine StarterAny LevelTraineeN/A
Pirate StarterAny LevelBanditN/A
Jungle / ForestLevel 15Monkey, GorillaGorilla King
Pirate VillageLevel 30Pirate, BruteBobby
DesertLevel 60Desert Bandit, Desert OfficerN/A
Frozen VillageLevel 90Snow Bandit, SnowmanYeti, Ice Admiral (only at level 700)
Marine FortressLevel 120Chief Petty OfficerVice Admiral, Greybeard (Raid boss, level 750)
Skylands and Upper SkylandsLevel 150Sky Bandit, Dark Master (Skylands), God’s Guard, Shanda, Royal Squad, Royal Soldier (Upper Skylands)Wysper, Thunder God (Note: Access to Upper Skyland requires level 450.)
PrisonLevel 190Prisoner, Dangerous PrisonerWarden, Chief Warden, Swan
ColosseumLevel 250Toga Warrior, GladiatorN/A
Magma VillageLevel 300Military Soldier, Military SpyMagma Admiral
Underwater CityLevel 375Fishman Warrior, Fishman CommandoFishman Lord
Fountain CityLevel 625Galley Pirate, Galley CaptainCyborg
First Sea Tier List