Have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like to launch yourself into a rivalry by using only rocket power? The Rocket Fruit in the Blox Fruits universe provides a precisely reasonable price and thrilling fulfillment. Let’s have a look off and discover why rocket fruit can be your pass to an exciting journey.


A Popular Natural-Type marvel that is not so expensive for both beginners and experts, the Rocket Fruit is a must-have. At just $5,000 in the in-game currency or 50 Robux (Roblox currency). It is quite affordable and packs a stronger impact.

Rocket Fruit is an affordable fruit. But its powers are phenomenal Every action is a spectacular show, from using the X-Key to summon an aerial bombardment to just tapping the Z-Key to launch a missile.

MISSILE FISTZ1A rocket that explodes on impact causing AoE damage
AIR STRIKEX20Rockets rain from above and targeting your enemies
ROCKET CRASHC50A powerful leap that ends with a blast upon landing
BLAST OFFF75Take to the skies with a trail of explosion

Tests on NPCs are carried out on the results below. The following factors were tested: no accessories, 2550 points on Fruit Stats, and 600 mastery. There is no assurance that every result is 100% accurate. The results are just meant to be used as a guide.

[Z] Missile Fist2686-8 second
[X] Air Strike3223-11 second
[C] Rocket Crash3670-15 second
[F] Blast Off3850-7.5 second

It is an important summons for any player who relishes the rush of taking off and exploding bombs. The fact that even the most regular fruits can provide such a blast of entertainment and function is a credit to the game’s design.

Players who wish to concentrate on quick growth and dramatic fighting. Will find the Rocket Fruit ideal due to its simplicity of use and ease of purchase. But is it what you should do?

Affordable for beginnersA lower harmful impact in comparison to
expensive fruits
Offers more possibilities for transportation than Kilo, its predecessor
Used to quickly obtain raid chips
Easy to carry out as well as simple to learn the moves